Studio Also


I've been consulting around Digital Directions for almost 25 years

I've been building websites for that long, also.

Around 2005 I began focusing entirely on Drupal.

By 2011 the sites I worked on were more like business process automation, internally facing, than publicly informative. My sites become functionally rich.

Continuing on, I work with a mix of Drupal, and Backdrop CMS.

Mostly the clients I work for, have budgets that allow for continuing development over a number of years.

And of course some projects are more constrained to a specific build or solving a specific issue or set of issues.

Clients tend to find me by word of mouth or some sort of cosmic osmasis process.

For some years now I have had the intention that this site will open again soon for enquiries.

Meanwhile you can find me on LinkedIn and if you have a project needing progressing contact me that way.