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John Saward:

20+ years I.T. experience, 7+ years Drupal experience, Drupal Engineer.

I bring my experience as a Unix System Administrator, GIS Programmer and Website Developer to my work as a Drupal Engineer, Consultant and Developer. I held positions in universities (UWA and Macquarie) and private industry (Geodan Amsterdam) before I began freelancing in Drupal in 2004. I am based in Melbourne. I have a B.Sc in Computer Science.

Irene Jehnich:

27+ years I.T. experience, 4+ years Drupal experience, Drupal Developer.

I've held Project Leader, Programming, Business Analysis and Data Modelling positions in Government Departments and corporations. My specialties began in an IBM mainframe environment and moved through Oracle, Cool:Gen and .NET before I began to focus on Drupal in 2007. I am based in Sydney. I have a B.Sc in Information Technology.

If you would like to find out more about Drupal then visit drupal.org.

If you decide you would like a Drupal website we can help you.

We can develop a new Drupal web site; convert an existing site to Drupal; or maintain an existing Drupal installation.

We can help-out Drupal projects when the understanding of how Drupal works is beyond the limits or reach of in-house PHP programmers &/or external website developer consultants.

Contact Irene on 0408 547 363 if you have identified a need for our services.