Studio Also Clients and Projects

An incomplete listing of our clients and projects over the years:


Work and Links

ALARA (Action Learning and Action Research Association)

Redevelopment and ongoing maintenance of community-based site. We provided our services as webmaster, and extended functionality of the membership forums and resolved issues as needed. A long and productive relationship.

ANHLC (Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres)

We were introduced to their existing Drupal site in 2008, and were asked to fix a few small problems. Subsequently we entered into a retainer arrangement with ANHLC that includes hosting and web-mastering the site. We improved the look and feel, and provided training into the organisation about content creation and editing.  In 2010 we upgraded the site to Drupal 6. They developed our basis in-house, and integrated CiviCRM.

ASNPL (Access Solutions National Pty. Ltd.)

We solved some difficult issues on their Drupal site and continue to consult and assist periodically.

English Mastery - Sydney HSC Tutors

We built a Drupal 5 site for Jonathan Hardy, HSC English tutor, in 2006. In late 2011 we rebuilt the site on a Drupal 7 framework using a contributed theme. The site is now converted to Wordpress."

Fawcett Country Cottages Family Farmstay

We built the site using a contributed theme, and continue to maintain it, solving issues as they arise.

IEMS (Integrated Egg Management System)

We have been incrementally developing an application that is designed to facilitate improvement in process in the poultry industry. The application is in Beta, not publically visible, and continues to be developed on a Drupal 6 framework. Our most recent work, in late 2011, was a public facing ‘Explore the benefits’ tool that ported some intricate excel spreadsheet calculations into a Drupal module and visitor-facing form.

Inspired Intentions

In 2009 we built an informational site for Abe Moses as a doorway into his consultation businesses.

Mary Porter AM, MLA

Initial build in 2005 and ongoing maintenance. Mary Porter was our very first Drupal client.

Podiatry Direct

We resolved some residual issues on their first Drupal ecommerce site build. In 2010 we were engaged to rebuild the site in Drupal 6. We continue to maintain and extend the site periodically.

Software Coaching Services

Topic Trainer was a site that had been built in Drupal to deliver customised online learning mainly in Microsoft technology. In 2010 we considerably extended the backend of this site to deliver customised corporate compliance training, testing and reporting to a major Australian financial services company.

SPACE (Supporting Programs in Awareness, Creativity and Expression)

In 2006 we built the site in Drupal 5 and in 2011 migrated it to Drupal 6, with a complete new re-theming.  We continue to provide ongoing maintenance and development of the site, and are its webmaster.

Sprout Creative

We provide occasional advice and consultation to this Darwin design agency as they begin to provide Drupal websites to their clients.

SWF (Smart Water Fund)

In 2011 we built a prototype for an Ideas Management System, and in 2012 we entered into building a Project Tracking System. Our work is not publicly visible.
(client site; not our work)


Work and Links

ACP Magazines

Issue resolution and support on Drupal and other PHP based sites.


(AFL Players Association)

From 2009 to 2011 we cared for the AFLPA site. It was a Drupal 5 site that had been built by another development firm. We acted as webmaster of the site and provided support, issue resolution and further development on a retainer basis.
(The current site is a successor to the site we maintained and developed)

BOAB Interactive

From 2009 we engineered solutions in Drupal into a range of projects for BOAB’s natural resource management and collaborative research communities clients. We resolved many issues and extended the excellent architectural and functional design work of BOAB deep down into the Drupal framework. We enjoyed the challenges of finding viable pathways to deliver the sophisticated requirements of BOAB.

From BOAB:

John is a rare combination of imaginative problem solver and hard-nosed engineer.

Community Connections Australia

In 2009 we provided some consultation and issue resolution in regard to their Drupal site.

Fred Hollows Foundation

In 2011 we provided some issue resolution in the final stage of their development of a new Drupal site. We undertook an audit of the new site and reported on that.

Melissa Australia

In 2009 we provided some extensive fixes and improvements to their then Drupal ecommerce site.

NewWOW (New Ways of Working Network)

From 2006 we provided development and ongoing maintenance of this community-based site. We inherited it as a Drupal 4.7 site, upgraded it to Drupal 5, re-themed it, maintained and developed it significantly, and acted in the role of webmaster. In 2011 the client selected a different development firm to rebuild the site in Drupal 6.

Nine Lanterns

In 2008 we worked closely with Nine lanterns as they built up in-house expertise in Drupal. We developed and programmed the first version of a complex e-learning site for John Holland Pty Ltd, and the initial stages of a similar project for TruEnergy. Nine Lanterns provided the project management and specification whilst we provided the Drupal engineering. Our extensive work on these eLearning systems is not publicly visible.

Optimo Design

In 2011 we consulted into this design agency as they built up expertise in Drupal. We sourced a developer and a trainer from the local Drupal community to work with OD alongside us on a major Drupal site development for an OD client. We provided some module identification, installation and configuration, and coded some modules to deliver specified features, as well as consulting with them regarding best practice.

Publicity Works, Vic

In 2008 we engineered a Drupal 5 site for CSR that had the purpose of promoting their Ethanol blended fuels. Publicity Works was the project management agency and site designer. We interpreted their design into a Drupal theme and wrote backend code to deliver features and functionality as specified by Publicity Works.

(CSR has retired the CSR Ethanol Facts site)

Quantum Victoria

In late 2010 we resolved some issues on their initial build of a Drupal site. We consulted in regard to best practice for Drupal, and advised about pathways forward for their sites.

Shire of Busselton, WA

Site maintenance, troubleshooting and issue resolution over a period of 3 years – 2009 to 2011. Migration from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.

Surf Life Saving Australia

In early 2011 we undertook a site audit and identified solution pathways on a range of identified issues.

The Ball Group

In early 2011 we advised and consulted in best practice as this design agency entered into their first Drupal build.

Tracker Sports

In 2011 we designed and built the Drupal 6 site in close collaboration with the site owner.


(Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association)

In 2008 we built a Drupal 6 website for VAADA as part of their initiative for people who experience comorbid substance abuse and mental illness. We elicited client needs and worked closely with a graphic designer to deliver the first version of that site. The site has since been rebuilt.

Web Design NSW

In mid 2010 we assisted this design agency with issue resolution on their Drupal site for Care South

Your Pages

In 2009 we provided consultative services and a prototype for a tourism services delivery application that is not currently on display.